Save A Drop Water Festival

Dickinson County "Save A Drop" Water Festival

The Dickinson County 12th Annual "Save-a Drop" Water Festival was held on Thursday, April 26th at Brown's Park, just south of Abilene. Fourth grade students from across Dickinson County attended the free, day-long event.

Close to 300 students participated in a fun, memorable, and hands-on approach to learning. The fourth grade classes took part in curriculum-linked activities relating to water and natural resource conservation, changing environmental attitudes, water and technology, water protection, water science and biology, and wildlife that depend on water. Students rotated through 20 minutes stations covering topics such as: Build a Watershed, Water Jeopardy, Environmental Forensics, Rain Barrels, Edible Aquifers, Herpetology, Furs and Fowl, Gooey Garbage, Long Haul, Incredible Journey, Wonderful Worms, Common Waters, and Bird Pharming.

Milford Nature Center entertained everyone with their noon presentation about Birds of Prey.

It was a day well spent educating the youth of Dickinson County about the importance of taking care of our environment.

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